Designed to Promote Healing

Absorbent Polymer

Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP) are often used as a component of  various medical absorbent devices used for skin and tissue contact.  Curaline DevraSorb dressings contain an advanced and unique  formula of polyurethane foam and other agents that contributes to its superior exudate absorption and retention properties. DevraSorb absorbs over 15 times and retains 10 times its weight in fluids; a significant improvement of performance over any other current market dressings. This high absorption draws away potentially harmful exudates while the fluid retention minimizes the potential for local peri-wound maceration, which can further delay wound healing. DevraSorb dressings are cleared for use on minimal to heavily exudating wounds.

Emollients and
Skin Soothing

DevraSorb dressings contain non-toxic emollients, skin softeners and humectants. These well known materials that are uniquely formulated in our dressings prevent the dressing from drying out and sticking to the wound bed. This makes DevraSorb's non adherence useful and even ideal for dry, non-exuding wounds in which other dressings can adhere and potentially injure fragile healing cells of a wound.  

Isotonic Environment

Isotonic saline has long been known to assist in wound healing. DevraSorb is formulated to be isotonic, meaning that is has the same electrolyte concentration as a 0.9% NaCl solution. Isotonic solutions are well known to be safe, physiologic and most acceptable to all types of healthy and injured tissue. Saline dressings however require frequent changes and treatment becomes difficult and painful for patient and time consuming for the caregiver.  



Surfactants and Bacterial 

Surfactants are Surface Active Agents that reduce surface tension between liquids and solids.  DevraSorb dressings incorporate a nonionic surfactant that has been found to be an effective wound cleansing product. 

Our dressings are backed with a semi-permeable polyurethane film which controls oxygen and moisture vapor permeability and is a barrier to outside liquids and bacterial contamination.

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