Curaline's goal is to advance the art of wound healing through science and innovation. 

Curaline was founded by world experts in each field of wound care. Physicians

with national reputations in wound healing designed the dressings to have variable properties that adjust to the particular wound and promote rapid healing with maximum patient comfort.

Chemists and biochemical engineers, with intimate knowledge of material design, produced innovative dressings that not only encourage wound healing, but also significantly reduce patient discomfort, and bacterial contamination.


Our primary goal is to provide the most advanced wound care dressings at an affordable price. Far beyond the simple saline soaked gauze and the typical wet to dry dressing changes, our dressings combine innovative architecture with unique chemical compounds that have been shown to provide an effective environment for the management of various types of acquired injuries, from simple acute injuries to long-standing chronic wounds.  Meant to enhance wound healing and be left in place over days and not hours, they reduce nursing time and promote optimal repair. 

EXCELLENCE:  Curaline products are made to the highest standards.                              

QUALITY:  All products made in our state-of the-art production                            facility so we can proudly say, "Made in the USA".

INNOVATION:  Cutting edge products promote healing.

Curaline dressings are made at our new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility near Chicago, Illinois. Our digitally con­trolled production line creates precisely measured dressings to extremely tight tolerances. We take pride in saying that our products are made with the greatest care and the highest quality, because excellence for the patient is our utmost concern.

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