Curaline is the combination of international experts in all areas of wound healing.  We are dedicated to advancing the treatment of wounds by physiologically appropriate dressings. The team at Curaline is creating advanced, patent-pending dressings that encourage wound healing at the cellular level, limit bacterial load and significantly reduce patient discomfort.

Super Absorbent Polyurethane Foam Wound Dressings

DevraSorb Polyurethane Foam Dressings Family

Curaline DevraSorb super absorbent polyurethane foam dressings are the first in a family of loaded polyurethane foam dressings designed to respond, encourage and help accelerate wound healing within a varying wound environment. With an innovative core of super-absorbent polyurethane foam, the dressings also contain an exclusive formula of components that provide superior safety, wound cleansing and painless release.


The Curaline DevraSorb foam dressing is composed of a new and unique hyper absorbent polyurethane matrix backed with a semi-permeable polyurethane film.  DevraSorb's exclusive physiologic formula contains a unique formulation of super-absorbent polymers, emollients, surfactants and skin soothing agents which provides significant exudate absorption, wound cleansing, bacteria control and painless, non-adherent release.  All this is designed to promote and encourage wound healing to its maximum potential.  




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